20 February 2008


So I went to buy milk tonight and of course got incredibly sidetracked. I don't buy cosmetics that often, and when I do it's something that I really can't live without (like this). But I could not resist Maybelline's VolumeXLSeduction Lip Plumper-- it is the most amazing lip gloss ever. Why?

-The tube is gadget-y-- you click the bottom of the tube and it magically pushes out little droplets out the top. As a historian I seldom get to use gadgets (oooo staplers!)
, so this is a very important feature.

-The color ("born with it"... gotta love branding) is a
lovely mix of natural and shiny. Perfect for plumping your lips, for you know, everyday seductions, without looking hooker-y.

-The texture is totally smooths out and covers any imperfections in the lips, ideal for those of us living in arid mountain climates who's lips are completely trashed from the long dry winter, despite all of the efforts of Burt's Bees.

- The gloss goes on tingly! They say it's because it is making your lips bigger, and while it's possible that my lips could be morphing into Angelina Jolie's as I type, I like the vintage Carmex sensation without the nastiness.
As you can see, I think my lips are now artificially plumped enough for me to legitimately start adopting children from third world countries and starring in bad action films (Tomb Raider was probs the worst movie I ever slept through at a drive-in, ever)

*p.s. the lips picture totally weirds me out, but it's catchy, eh?

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