05 February 2008

super tuesday. super history. super everything.

Happy Super Tuesday! Voting felt so good! I made my decision yesterday morning and was happy to take it to the polls today. I have never been to an actual polling station, as we are big time absentee voters back in Washington. I loved the feeling of community and American-ness-- it felt so good to participate in the democratic process (and for that matter, the democratic primary). I got a big ole patriotic lump in my throat as I left, which is funny, because as an American historian you'd think I'd get those kum-by-a kinds of feelings more often. John Edwards summed up how I feel in his "so history can blaze its path" speech:

"We do not know who will take the final steps to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but what we do know is that our Democratic Party will make history. We will be strong, we will be unified, and with our convictions and a little backbone we will take back the White House in November and we'll create hope and opportunity for this country."

And now I wait.

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