07 February 2008


I was sitting in class this afternoon... bored. I was writing things in my composition book like "This makes me want to poke my eye out" and "This is so painful" in pretty decorative little scripts along the margin. And then it hits me-- I'm listening to an informed intellectual discussion on the various circumstances surrounding the dropping of the atomic bombs and this is the worst part of my day? Needless to say I checked back in so my peers could entertain me with their knowledge and many endearing traits.

It made me think a little more, as I rode up the hill, and by the time I got to the reception for the conference and was watching this great Polynesian singing and dancing, I felt so satisfied! It was like nothing in my world was out of line, it was completely natural to be. here. now. It's been an exhausting week-- I've been able to throw myself into my new job, I've been immersed in books and articles and writing, and everything, but my gosh, I wouldn't change a thing. I have the perfect winter hat and a fab new bike basket. The snow makes everything look kind of magical and I am finally used to the cold, I am surrounded by bright and brilliant people-- good, caring, wonderful people, no less, and I am doing what I love. And in less than six weeks I get to meet my new little niece and play with my older little niece and see my family and friends back home! I wonder if life couldn't get any better... but I know it will. I know it can because I used to be a receptionist.

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