05 May 2011

comps mini-journal, day 14.

So today I got up and was kind of like this:

Then I worked for four hours, went to school, met with a student, and worked for three more hours when I got home.

And then I was done with my comps.

Ok, not totally-- my plan is to print them out and do a typo edit during the final tomorrow (what else do I do for 2 hours?!) But finishing tonight was perfect-- a friend let me know that he had roasted a chicken and wanted to share, and I was like, "just let me finish my comps!"

I respond well to food incentives. 

somebody needs her hair did...
 but isn't the Temple Owl just the cutest mascot ever? so proud!

I feel... good. There is a little or a lot of letting go with this kind of assignment-- I mean, there's just not time to make massive changes. It's a little or a lot anti-climactic, as I felt much of the process was. And when I try to formulate a defense for what I wrote, it's just like well, uh, I had to work with the questions. So whatever. There's a lot of so whatevering going on right now. But in a good way, right? I mean, two weeks, 36 pages, and 95 footnotes later, the exam period is basically over!


Bunny said...

Maybe you could say "another milestone completed" because after all it is just another stepping stone on your life adventure path. So proud of you!!

Kara said...

From crazy eyes to hula hoops...that is a good day! Ya Ya!