09 March 2009

a pretty fruitful day on the interwebs.

I found this image on the design blog Oh Joy!. It comes via a brand of clothing called Makool. I love the picture-- it just says Spring riding to me. Of course, it snowed here again today but with all the teasing sunny days we've had lately, I'm glad it's getting close.

Also, let's talk about the shirt from that image. Wow.

Just looking at its beautiful structure and amazing details makes me appreciate fashion so much more than I did five minutes ago. Its $176.00 price tag, however, reminds me that I have limits. Limits are free.

Also bike-y: the blog "What I Saw Riding My Bike Around Today." Very cool concept.

Here's an article from Smithsonian magazine featuring cool Special Collections, featuring my own beloved University Library.

I enjoyed this sneak peak of a ranch home from Design Sponge today. I love the "wood everywhere" look complimented by oodles of cacti and lots of daylight. I am tormented by my lust for a mid-century house done up right. In five years?

Let's not talk about how many images I've set aside for design inspiration lately. The prospect of a new apartment this summer is too exciting.

A neat public art project. Aw, it's fun to be human.

I love that Barack spends his days doing stuff like this and this even if it is kind of sad that he has to put so much effort into undoing Bush-era oversteps.

And to completely overwhelm you, as a public service I have to post this song. I downloaded Sun Kil Moon's album April yesterday (as well as Mark Kozelek's What's Next to the Moon) (indulgent I know, but the cost per listen in the long term is really low...and what can I say? it's always Mark Kozelek week around here) and the first track is one of the best songs I've heard in a long time. I love how it just goes on forever. Absolutely sublime and a little heartbreaking. I haven't really listened to the rest of the album because I am so stuck on this song. It definitely makes my Top 4 long songs of all time, right next to Stairway to Heaven, Only in Dreams, and Layla-- particularly when I heard the latter two songs live, respectively. This one is best when you can comprehend the lyrics-- a beautiful song about being a ghost.

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