24 March 2009

this blog is turning into a bunch of emotional crap. somebody find me a video of a dog running into a wall or something, stat.

It's funny to me the way my perceptions have changed since I decided to move away from this place. Tonight I was looking for a qtip when I happened upon the giant jug of handsoap refill. I refilled the soap dispenser and realized that I probably won't need to fill up the handsoap again before I leave, and alas the jug of handsoap was magically transformed into a jug of bubble bath.*

Everything's been like that the past few days. I drive down the Sunnyside-- the street I drive down the most in this town--and I think about how there will be a time in my life, quite soon really, when I don't drive down that street, when I won't have occasion to recall how I almost ran over some extras from "High School Musical 3" on that very road last summer during a freak rain storm.** And the mountains, yes, today-- absolutely pissed that I had to put on my puffy coat-- I looked at the mountains and noted to myself that this could be the last time I get to see snow on those mountains as one who lives in Utah.***

I did this when I left Tacoma, but having lived here just nineteen months I find it striking. So I order that pizza from The Pie, drop in to see my favorite people in the department, and take another longing look at the valley because I know I will miss Utah when I'm gone.****

*About eight ounces will do if you are going for an effect similar to "Pretty Woman."
**Yes, that was one sentence. Lately I've been rewriting the newspaper articles in my head as I read them... I'm in a strange place with words these days.
***Who am I kidding? This is Utah!
****Which is not to say I'm not excited about leaving, but that's another post all together.

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