07 March 2009


I came across this site called Indexed today and thought it was just the thing that to promote on COTGB. Wisdom like this:
and this:

and this:

totally merits a spot on the sidebar. Indexed also has a widget for Mac dashboards that you can put next to your horoscope, urban dictionary word of the day and graduation countdown calender. Handy.

UPDATE: Also added to the sidebar... Big Brother's blog: http://tacomabikeranch.blogspot.com/

A must read for two-wheeled, granola lifestyle enthusiasts, or those interested in a family's journey into happier living. After cataloging some recent changes made in the household he wrote, "
Of course, this all started with biking to work." BEWARE. He is very skilled at selling bike riding as a positive lifestyle choice and you might be inspired to start riding your bike, losing weight and feeling happier. IT WILL BE SO AWFUL. ;)


Matt Newport said...

This is great...how is it that you find this stuff?

I likes this one much...


melanie said...

I follow a tumblr and sometimes randomly click on the links to other people's tumblrs on the left. Most tumblrs are just recycled crap but sometimes you find cool stuff like this. I was surprised I hadn't seen it sooner. Reminds me of postsecret.

Big Brother said...

I just noticed the UPDATE. I'll take all of that as complimentary...THANKS!!!