21 March 2009

i decided.

I had to make the best decision for my future, not just the short term. I think a life with a PhD from Temple University-- School B-- is a life I can look forward to and the life I most want. I am still a little shocked that I made the decision-- actually turning down the U, actually sending off the forms-- but I think I would be remiss to surrender such a great opportunity, both for learning and personal growth. I think Philly will offer me a new and different perspective on the world-- something you can never get enough of as a historian trying to understand what it means to be human. I'm nervous and I know I'm taking a huge risk-- I have never taken such a leap of faith in my life-- but I know that there is really no better path for me to take it this point.

Holy cow!!! There aren't words to express how crazy this feels and how wildly excited I am.
Watch out Philadelphia! The Granny Bike's going East Coast!


Michaele said...

I'm beyond excited for you!

Mum said...

You go girl! I can only see many challenges ahead for you, wow! You were given a gift a one time chance and you took it. I am proud! Look only ahead to a bright and challenging future.

Jenel said...

Congrats! We'll miss you around here...and as I told Michaele my main advice is don't bother to make friends with Masters students, they just leave :)