01 February 2010

my life in bike stats.

Big Brother and I have a monthly bicycle miles accountability routine.  Tonight we checked in and I went a little crazy with my numbers.  They reveal a lot about my habits- though not entirely, as there was a lot more bussing, subway-ing, and walking in January than a typical in-school month.  But here's what I was up to on my bike:

I rode 118 miles.
I rode 82 of my total miles on or after school started on January 19.

I rode 35.3 of my total miles at night.  
Are you watching for bikes when you drive at night?

I failed to encounter zen and the art of bicycle maintenance.

I averaged 3.8 miles a day, or 6.2 on days that I rode (I like my days off).
My average round trip was 4.9 miles.

A. 32% of my miles involved acquiring or imbibing drink.*
B. 27% of my miles involved picking up library books or amazon.com orders from the post office.
C. 26% of my miles involved getting groceries.

There was no overlap between A and B or A and C. There was a teensy bit of overlap between B and C thanks to a sweet new supermarket by my school.

I had a Church of the Granny Bike moment on my folding bike.

I made 15 round trips on the Dahon.
I made 11 round trips on the Old Dutch Treat.
This was the first month that I've ridden the Hello Kitty bike more, thanks to my snazzy new headlight.

I've ridden approximately 685 miles since going car-free last August.  Amazing what the body can do without the Honda, isn't it?

All routes were checked using Google Maps. My lifetime car-free cumulative numbers include some earnest fudging from unrecorded rides early on and when I was on vacation away from my lovely spreadsheet.  All errors are due to the fact that I'm a historian who's never taken a statistics class. All bike miles were accrued wearing regular clothes for the purpose of transportation. All January miles were accrued wearing a helmet.

*Know your limits before you get on your bike and plan accordingly (that's how I roll). Drink and ride responsibly, judiciously, or not at all. I'm not here to tell you how to live your life so don't blame me, sue me, or judge me.  I'm not looking for a conversation, that is, unless you are the awesome dude who was hauling a mega-case of bottles on your front rack in 20 degree weather the other day.  Because that was awesome and required some serious skills.


Matt in Tacoma said...

I've been keeping track of stats like those (though not the specific reason for each trip, sheesh!) for the last 4 or 5 years...I always wonder when I'll lose the urge to know my bicycle habit by the numbers...

The stats seem to help justify costs for maintenance and replacement parts thoug, so there's at least one reason to keep track...

melanie said...

I wasn't actually tracking reasons- just destinations. And my own awesomeness of course. I like to see it quantified.

Darryl said...

I just came across your blog today. Congratulations on going car free...its so awesome to see that happening more and more. I have the goal of going car free as well and still working on getting there. First step is to move to a better environment so that I can get me and my family around on the bike. I'm working on it. Anyway, keep up the great writing.