11 February 2010

parking, trolleys, and sharing the road.

A couple of days ago, I had what I thought was an interesting experience on the trolley.  I've been riding the trolley quite a lot lately because of the snow.  Reading from the bottom up, here's how the incident unravelled (I live tweeted because that's what you do when trapped on a trolley, naturally):

As the snow storm unraveled, and I spent a damn lot of time at home, I found that my experience was not all that uncommon.  As it turns out, people tend to park too far away from the curb during snow storms all the time!  

Unfortunately the trolleys can't go around.

(yesterday, 3:00pm)

Unfortunately people living on trolley streets have to listen to the trolleys honk in vain- sometimes for twenty minutes- before an individual comes out to move their car.

(tonight, 7:30pm)
(it's hard to see, but I considered doing violence to that BMW. 
that's not what anybody wants! this is the city of brotherly love, after all)

So in the spirit of community and such, if you're going to drive during inclement weather, park considerately. 
 Sharing the road is not just a bike-related transportation issue.

(tonight, 11:30pm)

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