30 September 2009

nutcase helmet review.

So the helmet is here and has been operational since yesterday. The first time I wore it was not the first trip I made out by bike that day; I admit, it was the most glorious of sunny fall mornings and I just couldn't conceive putting it on once I got outside and realized that I forgot to grab it. However, I made two other trips yesterday and another trip out today, and I've worn the helmet ALL THREE TIMES.

Can I just get a round of applause, please? Because this is really hard for me. The first time I went out (to the store for baking materials, so I could bake to dull the pain of making a huge concession) I felt patently uncool. No wind in my hair? No tossing my hair around to enhance the awesomeness of the image of the wind in my hair? It was torture. My cycle chic felt totally stifled.

After baking a batch of amazing cookies (nothing fancy, just some Toll House recipe Chocolate Chip cookies) I headed for class in Center City. I was a little more on board with wearing the helmet as I headed downtown, being as it was the one week anniversary of my crash. The second ride was much different than the first.

I wore my sunglasses.

It changed everything. Suddenly I was not dorky helmet girl- I became a bike pilot! Kind of like Amelia Earhart!

Channeling the ultimate crasher of them all made the ride much easier, and really, coming home in the chilly darkness a few hours later, I didn't even notice it. So it took a lot of convincing, but I'm now rolling with a covered noggin. Here's how it looks:

don't judge my mess, ok? I spend all my time commuting by bike.

The helmet itself? It fit perfectly right out of the box (I got an M/L). It comes with a ton of extra pads. The matte finish and muted design works well for me. It's extremely solid and well made, and no damage was sustained when I chucked it at our hardwood floors last night when I was cranky. I think I made a good purchase.

One unexpected bonus- it's a good way to take bicycling advocacy inside. I had a nice chat with some non-bikers in the elevator about the merits of cycling in our fair city and another chat with a peer about bike registry on campus.


jana said...

I'm so glad that you are being safer. And one of these days I'll get a helmet, too (tho I don't ride on city streets, only a sleepy college campus, so it's not so much a worry)...

spiderleggreen said...

You look good in your new helmet. It is important for people to feel comfortable riding, or it's just not fun. For a variety of reasons(good ones), I don't have any interest in wearing a helmet on most of my rides, but I will be wearing one as soon as the snow flies, because that'll get into my comfort zone.

I am thinking about one that looks as nice as yours, might ease the pain of having to put one back on. My current space age helmet doesn't go well with my classy city-bike. I'm glad you're spending your valuable bike-promo time encouraging people to get on a bike. Don't waste it on "wear your helmet!" pitches. Getting others on bikes, will do more for bike safety, because it impacts our greatest danger, cars. Keep being a great example!

Matt in Tacoma said...

Looks good. Money well spent. I'm obligated by city law to wear a helmet, but also feel that I should set the example for my children, who are often along for the ride with their helmets on. I've gone down twice while carefully crossing railroad tracks and figure that wearing a helmet is about as inconvenient as wearing a seatbelt - I just put it on every time and save myself the possible headache.

Mom said...

I think it looks pretty cute as well. Glad that you got it and are wearing it. You are so cute!!!

soandsosaid said...

Are you still happy with/wearing the nutcase? I'm looking @ their motorcycle helmets and can't find a single review. Was hoping after a couple years use you'd have some gripes that might be common.

melanie said...

I sometimes with for a bit more ventilation, but overall, I really like my nutcase.