13 April 2009

days like this drive me to online shopping.

Wild day in the world / on the internet today:

Obama is waging war on pirates

And trying to nationalize the student loan system.*

People are trying to forgive their spouses**

and others are fainting on Glenn Beck like it's a tent rivival.

Spain is putting the smackdown on torture since our courts won't

because they are too busy not being good.***

Ok, so maybe it was mostly a good day for reading The Paper. But still, kind of a wild mess huh? Watch this to wind down (free for a limited time!).

*the discomfort I feel over stuff like this-- even though it's for the good of the students-- ME-- is really making me wonder if I'm a fiscal conservative, or maybe if having GWB for president for my entire adult life screwed me up to the point that I can never be on the same side as the Prez.

**I liked this article because I felt like yelling at the whole planet this afternoon. Very tense afternoon. I pretended that I, like the main character, got to throw my fit.

***I could talk about the Supreme Court all day. Fascinating stuff.


Mum said...

What did you on line shop for?

melanie said...

I got this print: http://www.littlepaperplanes.com/assets/images/3142_w450.jpg