07 April 2009

consumerist spring.

Because part 1 of my cross-country mega move is coming up quick, I've become focused on throwing stuff out of the wagon instead of adding stuff to it. However, Spring took its sweet-ass time coming to Utah, and I can't deny that I got a little excited about my liberation from socks. Fortunately there are easy ways to buy without taking up much space AND spice up my uniform of old Gap Jeans and crew neck American Apparel t-shirts without actually having to wear something else (I have plenty of shirts, but when I run out of the solid AA ones getting dressed becomes so much harder. I really love being boring.).

Anyways, here was my simple solution:

Sandals by Dolce Vita. So what if they are flat- they took about a day to break in and are a fun way to bring in metallics without being too ostentatious. Mine are this pinky bronze color that I can't find a picture of. I had to size down to an 8, which has never happened to me before with sandals.
Fuchsia Power nail polish by Sally Hansen. Only 2 dollars at Wal-Mart and it wears very well- a necessity when biking in sandals.

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Trisha said...

Thanks for the tip on the durable polish -- you're so right about bikes being hard on the (home) pedicures. Love the pink color.