20 April 2009

i'm only awake because 'the happening' made me too scared to sleep.

For some of us, Sun-In never went out. This is the first year in like five that I haven't done it... yet.

Fascinating-- quasi-utopian sustainability movement taking hold in Idaho. Check out the Times Magazine's green issue here.

A five part series on Wes Anderson's film influences, or, the second time in the past week that Serpico has come up, so it's at the top of my Netflix queue.*

A neat story about the letters people send to The Barack.

*The first time was watching the best TV show of our time (since Arrested Development) It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, or, the only show I've ever wanted to own on DVD.

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Big Brother said...

OK, the Wes Anderson video essays were well worth my time...Part V was quite a treat after watching the other four...I simply love to watch those movies...