10 January 2009

greetings from the sick den.

Well here I am, back from a miserly two day and night slog through a personally unprecedented bout of fevers. Today I've been on the mend, doing exciting things like consuming foods other than juice! Who knew half a can of clam chowder could have such restoring effects? Meaning of course, I only watched one movie today and only spent seven hours in bed after waking up. But hey, that's progress.

Ok, enough self pity, here's a bit of a round up of the things I missed the past few days (is being sick like being on another planet or what?):

I think this is badass. A map of the US featuring each state's motto. I love this because well, I love America and me and BB were just talking about state mottos last week.
Cheers to the artist Emily Wick. I really hope she does a print of this piece.

Here's a fascinating story entitled "Who Would Jesus Smack Down?" I am still baffled as to:
A) Why anyone would need to tell hipsters they are God's chosen people. Don't they already think that?
B) What this guy's wife thinks of her submissive role.
C) Jesus isn't man enough?! (or as my bff put it, "[he] thinks Jesus was Rambo?!?!?") Oh Diety, I think my gender historian head just exploded! Deliverance, por favor!

A childhood friend posted this article on facebook and one of his friends posted links to related articles from The Stranger (Seattle's alt weekly) here and here. The comments are worth reading; The Times article begs for supplementary materials. Calvinists in Seattle, the ultimate oxymoron. Consider my mind blown.

And speaking of blow, I would be remiss if I didn't link to this article on teen cocaine use by Charles M. Blow. Obligatory chortle at the inadvertant pun.

Whew, that was exhausting.

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