07 January 2009

hefty tabernacles.

Ok, so this morning I got up at the crack of 8:30. To punish me for getting up early (hey, before nine o'clock is a really big thing for me), my bedroom door locked behind me as I headed towards the bathroom. Stranded in my bathrobe (I was like "really? REALLY?!"), I made some calls to housing and they said they'd send somebody over. Lucky for me I keep all the dirty clothes in the bathroom and I never do laundry so I could actually put something on when the tall drink of water maintenance guy showed up (you know what? maybe not lucky me. maybe I should've left the robe on! it was my cute one) and within fifteen minutes I was back in my room looking at my long and daunting to-do list. Crisis resolved!

However, the lockout was fortuitous: I caught this great clip of the Colbert Report featuring Utah's most ridiculous congressman, Jason Chaffetz (you'll recall he was taking his cot to Washington), getting his ass kicked at leg wrestling and saying things like, "You're not the boss of me, Nancy Pelosi." Awesomeness.

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