21 August 2010

great moments in tacoma cycling, part 2.

Last night around 11:30pm my cousin- today, a blushing bride- called with a crisis: she had forgotten to get flowers for the church. No problem! Big Brother lives close to the Proctor Farmers Market and has equipped his long-staying houseguest with a bike. This haul may be one of my favorite ever.

You can see the flower stand where I picked up the flowers in the front on the left! 


Mom said...

My little tacoma folder is too cute with a basket full of flowers! Glad she is getting some road time. Glad you could come to the rescue of a distressed bride, Well done you!

Stella said...

Gorgeous! It's what life should be...bike baskets filled with flowers!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your blog, and LOVE the bottom shot here!