13 August 2010

great moments in tacoma cycling, part 1.

A chance encounter with Jeff of Jeff's Ice Cream. Don't you wish your town had a bicycle ice cream vendor?


Anonymous said...

But our town does have a bicycle ice cream vendor :)

Icicle Tricycle :)

Matt in Tacoma said...

Yeah, but does your town's bicycle ice cream vendor specialize in selling novelties made in your home state?

Made in Washington Ice Cream Bars FTW!

Jeff also fabricated the trailer and cooler himself and offers personal delivery via phone/txt. Tacomans should follow at twitter.com/jeffsicecream or on FB.

Mom said...

What a beautiful neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Yes I do wish for this... also an xtracycle. These things are like peanut butter and chocolate. Yummy!