14 January 2010

mid-afternoon muppet distractions.

I was in the midst of a I-must-know-everything-about-Nelson-Rockefeller-ever-written kick this afternoon when Big Brother sent along this magical NPR review of a Muppet Show comic book.  It is genius because A. it starts out with a brief cultural history style context, which I dig (though where's the Reagan Revolution in all this? Come on, man!) and B. The guy rates the comic book on a scale of 1-10 based on good/bad Muppet Show clips.  Working your way through the list is probably not a bad way to kill a half hour, unless you know, ahem, you have lots of reading on Nelson Rockefeller that you'd like to be doing.

For the lazy- here are two of the more awesome clips- the first, because it's effing funny and the second, because "this is your pig chorus" is my new favorite deadpan statement, and also because it features the lesser-known Muppets Beauregard (which makes me want to watch The Great Muppet Caper immediately) and Sweetums (which suddenly seems like a great Halloween costume idea).

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