22 January 2010

magic almond butter middle cookies.

Due to a headache and a mild existential / career path crisis, I can't come up with a catchier title for these cookies. I also can't come up with an actual recipe, which is fine because these don't really mandate one.  I ripped off the concept from a recipe posted at Tasty Kitchen , a variation suggested by a classmate, and the reality of a bunch of sugar cookie dough sitting in my fridge. So maybe "Crowd-sourced Almond Surprise Cookies" would be better.  Anyways, I like these because they aren't too sweet, which is a total relief after eating all those frosted cookies.

Here's what you do:
Mix up a batch of my Perfect Sugar Cookies. Refrigerate dough for a good long time.

In a little dish, mix up equal parts almond butter and powdered sugar. I used about 3 tablespoons of each for mine and came out with enough for 7 cookies.

Roll out the sugar cookie dough.  Roll the almond mixture into little balls and wrap the sugar cookie dough around the ball.  Make sure you say balls a lot.  Bake at 350 degrees until the cookies are a nice golden color- I liked that they got a little crunchy because it made for a nice contrast with the soft inside.  Serve with black coffee while listening to Cat Power before going for a walk to sort yourself out.  


Matt in Tacoma said...

Balls. Balls balls!!! LMFBO!!

Mama-san said...

These sound really nice and tasty.