22 July 2009

top 5, uk vacay edition.

5 places I loved visiting:
1. Burghley Hall.
2. Westminster Abbey.
3. Cambridge / Madingley Hall.
4. Cardiff and Caerphilly.
5. Various National Trust houses and beer festivals that were great enough to get lumped together.
Honorable mention:
I have a feeling I'm going to really love seeing Holkham Hall tomorrow...

5 reasons I'm excited to go home:

1. Materially, getting to hide my PC laptop away and revel in the glory of my iMac and getting back on my bike. It's been too long, my Old Dutch Treat.
2. Big changes are afoot- I am hoping to be CAR FREE and living in Philadelphia in three weeks or so.
3. I'm stoked about trying out my "living with other people and not as a recluse" skills that we've been working on.
4. The pound is freaking expensive!
5. How could I not be excited to see the cute niece squad and the rest of the fam and to talk to all my peeps again?

5 great shopping finds:
1. About a bazillion pairs of cute socks from Tesco.
2. Gray trench coat from Primark in London.
3. 100 year old coffer from Maidwell's.
4. Makeup from the Benefit counter at the Boots in Cambridge.
5. A comfy pair of butterscotch yellow heels and a watch from Next.
Honorable mention: The freebies that come with magazines.

5 reasons I'm sad about going home:
1. I've grown very attached to two little dogs who love to stand on my chest and lick my face at random intervals throughout the day.
2. I have cherished having the time to put myself back together before I start my next big endeavor. Thanks to Mom & Don for giving me the space and support to do that.
3. We've laughed, we've cried, we've watched at least 20 episodes of Eastenders- I've loved spending time with my mom. She's an amazing woman, and I have enjoyed being reminded that she knows me pretty damn well.
4. Life in the country is actually kinda nice. Animals and flowers and wide open spaces- squeal!
5. British dairy products. Need I say more?

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Mom said...

Glad that you came for a summer of repair. You are going to have an awesome time at Temple with new experiences and many new friends. After you settle in then you will start to write that book, the one that all PhD's write. You are a growing into a very brilliant woman and I am proud.