13 July 2009

a random sampling.

I don't usually do this kind of stuff, but I found it kind of entertaining. This is based on my iPod's holdings, which is closer to my master iTunes library on my desktop at home than my laptop here. Laptop iTunes was consulted in spots due to the limitations of the iPod.

Number of Songs: 2841 (I'm guessing 100 or so are unchecked on the home computer so they didn't make it onto the iPod)
Number of Albums: a mystery! do people really listen to albums anymore?
Most Recently Played Song: Pachebel Meets U2- John Schmidt (cheesy much?)
Most Played Song: Feel Flows- The Beach Boys

Most Recently Added Album: Tiny Cities - Sun Kil Moon and Ten - Pearl Jam

Most Recently Added Song: Ain't Nothin' But a G Thing- Dr. Dre

First Song Alphabetically: ABC- Jackson Five
Last Song Alphabetically: Zvezda Rok-n-Rolla (artist's name in Russian) from the Everything is Illuminated Soundtrack
Smallest Song Numerically: #1 Crush- Garbage
Biggest Song Numerically: 8675309- Tommy Tutone

Shortest Song: Pagoda's Theme- The Royal Tenenbaums soundtrack (I'm guessing my desktop would bring up something from Gone With the Wind's soundtrack) (:23)
Longest Song: A version of Dvorak's New World Symphony No. 9 mixed with nature sounds, by The Relaxation Company (24:33) (a Buzzard's $2 special)

First Full Album Alphabetically: Affirmation - Savage Garden (this is getting embarrassing)
Last Full Album Alphabetically: XO - Elliot Smith
First Full Album Numerically: 13 Going on 30 soundtrack
Last Full Album Numerically: 100% Funk

First Five Songs That Pop Up On Shuffle: Leaving on a Jet Plane- John Denver, These Days- Nico with The Velvet Underground, Hawai'i 78- Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, Wonderwall- Oasis, Save Me From Myself- Christina Aguilera

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