30 December 2008

what i have been doing lately.

Don't think that I've forgotten about you lately!  I've been home living as my alter-ego, Auntie Mel.  As Auntie Mel I find myself getting up before nine, reading stories, trying to placate the baby, partaking in auntie-niece tooth-brushing sessions, supervising the clean-up "game," indulging in the occasional snuggle and getting nibbled by Frankie the Dog.  And drinking.  

It's nice to get in touch with all of the variety that is so easily accessible here in Tacoma.  Between Trader Joe's, Metropolitan Market and the seeming endless number of available draft beers, I have been filled with holiday cheer.  Here's what I've sampled since I got here:

Cook's mimosa, beloved adopted family's house
Big Horn Brewing's Big Red Amber Ale, growler, beloved adopted family's house
Livingston Blush, wine, Grami's house
Boring German white wine, mom stash, Grami's house
Lovely German Pfalz ice wine, mom stash, Grami's house 
Yellowtail Shiraz/Cabernet mix, Grami's house 
Rainier Beer, can, Brother's house
Rogue Dead Guy Ale, forty, brother's house
Dick's Cream Ale, draft, Parkway Tavern
Mac & Jack's Serengheti Wheat, draft, Parkway Tavern
New Belgium Mothership Wit, draft, Parkway Tavern
Trader Joe's Honey Moon viognier wine, brother's house
Charles Shaw ("two buck Chuck") cabernet savignon, brother's house 
more lovely German Pfalz ice wine, mom stash, brother's house
Brown's Point Porter, draft, The Hub

On tap:
Frontier Red wine
Snoqualmie Avalanche winter ale
Pyramid Snowcap Winter Ale
Schloss Biebrich champagne (New Year's)

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