19 December 2008

snowed in.

Lordy! It's been snowing literally since the second I got home from an appointment at noon and has not stopped snowing since. They sent all the University employees home which means plowing services will be reduced to nothing and I will be forgoing a Christmas party in order to stay safe and cozy up on the hill.

It's pretty isn't it? There should be some foothills in the background but they are hidden by the clouds.

Fortunately I was able to hit up the little convenience store at campus housing before it closed so I could stock up on nutritious non-perishables to see me through the storm. It was the perfect day for The Dark Knight to come from Netflix. Can't wait to party by myself tonight! Technically only three pages of thesis left to write!

(no, they do not sell Bacardi at the student store... but it's just too cold for gimlets so rum and cokes will have to do!)

p.s. I changed the layout to a stretch format to benefit those of us with widescreen computers-- feedback?


Big Brother said...

That picture left me with a strong desire for chewy candies, of which there are none in my house...during the search, I realized that I haven't left my block since Sunday night...DAMN YOU SNOW AND ICE!! DAMN YOU HOSPITAL SCHEDULER!! I NEED OUT!!

Big Brother said...

Also, your blog is formatted wider on my compy now. Did you change something? If so, I liked it the other way...if it's just me and my Mac, please disregard...