19 January 2008

there will be blood... and bourbon

File this one under "things I wouldn't do unless somebody else was paying."

A school colleague was for some reason, really, really eager to see the film There Will Be Blood. Admittedly, I am not much for blood, and as a result of seeing this movie I was pretty suspicious of where the title might be taking me. But alas, I was unexpectedly treated to a well crafted movie with an amazing score. I'm not saying it was particularly uplifting (scathing critiques of capitalism usually aren't), but it was very intense and there was indeed blood.

Unlike Hairspray, which made me want to burst into song and dance, I emerged from the theater badly in need of a drink. As still something of a relative newbie to the wide world of spirits, I found myself provided with a rather large shot of bourbon. It tastes like something that would probably taste good if it didn't taste like taking a hit off a jug of rubbing alcohol. Combined with the lovely mystery beer it definitely made for a fun evening.

The review: Like There Will Be Blood, bourbon was enjoyed but will probably not be revisited.

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