23 January 2008

no excuses

This article in The New York Times made me feel a touch guilty. I haven't been riding as much lately as the weather here has been hanging around 5 and 25 degrees (yesterday was warm-- mid 30's!!!). Looks like I will just have to cover my ears and buck up. I suppose this means it's about time for me to revisit my "running gives me foot pain / makes me too tired/ blah blah blah whining" excuse. I probably just need new shoes.

It gives me pause though, to think of all the excuses I make. I don't have the time, the qualifications, the willpower, the money, the looks. That hill is too steep, the competition is too intense, and what if this means I have to sacrifice my pride, or even my future?! And what if there's ice in the bike lanes?!

The fact of the matter is, I am so much happier when I take risks. Not the scary kinds of risks that get you hurt or cause you to contract diseases, but the kinds of risks that cause me to go a step beyond what I thought I could do-- it's when I take those risks that I find that I am living better.

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