28 January 2008

bike commuters do it in the snow.

So I brought my camera with me to work today with the intent of doing kind of a photo essay, you know "Day in the Life of a Grad Student" cheese -y type exercise. I thought I might show the view from the office, whatever-- when I left my apartment, it was a really nice day. Reasonably clear, forty degrees-- it felt like Spring! Being from Washington it was a big struggle not to put on some shorts (and sandals... with socks). But instead I figured that my trackie and beanie were cold-weather gear enough and cruised off to work around 9am.

So I'm chugging along through work and suddenly it gets dark (it's about 10am). My back faces a 10 foot tall window, so I notice these things, and I turn around, and it's a freaking whiteout! I was way too distracted to chronicle my mundane activities . It dumped snow pretty steadily until I left work at 1:30. I was going to ride down to the TRAX station and take the train up the hill, but the snow began to slow and the plows were about campus, so I just rode back up. I'm pretty sure I was having way more fun than the people walking, and even through several inches of snow, my trusty Red Rider kept me pushing forward. What's more, I stayed warm and dry. On days like this I definitely realize how spoiled I am, with a short commute, snow plows, bike-a-vator, fab bike... (stops bragging. resumes school work.)

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