04 April 2010

bright spots stockpile, part 3. easter edition.

Happy Easter! Right now my Easter observance consists of watching a neighbor eat Cheetos on her porch, and wearing a pink Easter dress while reading The Rise of the Unmeltable Ethnics. I hope that your Easter is similarly stimulating.  


And let's be real about the biggest bright spot of all today-- for me, the day's message of Resurrection, regeneration, and everlasting life is particularly comforting right now.  I also liked the message from our seder last night-- Dayenu.  It was a relief to find that the call to God that "It would have been enough" was inscribed on the hearts and history of an entire people. Dayenu. Dayenu.  We can be hopeful but still be at the threshold for what we can bear.


Big Brother sent this link my way. It's perfect because Easter candy is conspicuously absent from our house today.  I'm not sure who was responsible for that oversight, but an excursion to CVS feels imminent.

Because Cadbury Creme Eggs Benedict has left a big hole in my heart.

And Postsecret, not to be outdone, made that hole bigger with a link to Peep Sushi.

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Stella said...

I miss cheetos.