03 November 2009

grocery getting by bike during a strike.

a nice view from the helm of the Old Dutch Treat

So you may have heard that we're in the midst of a transit strike here in Philadelphia.  On the Granny Bike front, this means that it's business as usual.  Today I determined that I could no longer live off of spaghetti and without coffee, so I took the ODT out for some grocery getting.

Naturally, as I was going to share with you what that looked like, things didn't go as usual. The tote bag that I usually keep with my pannier had gotten put on gloves and rainpants storage duty, and ever eager to eat, I came home with more groceries than usual.

The bike was a little wobbly to get a full shot. Having only one pannier was sort of a problem today. This is why you don't go crazy buying lemon curd and pickles and healthy snacks, people.

Fortunately, I had my super REI bungee with me to help me manage the paper bag presence up front.

In spite of the minor inconveniences, I still enjoyed myself.  It's fall! I can eat whatever I want! I like spending money on food rather than gas! And of course, nothing beats riding an Old Dutch in red tights!

P.S. The Bicycle Coalition has put together a fantastic Bike the Strike blog together! Lots of great Philly bike info and transportation suggestions over there.


Matt in Tacoma said...

Great post...very timely! That Bike the Strike blog is awesome...tons of great information there for folks who don't get on the saddle very often.

Guess it's time to get a matching pannier for the left side?

Love the tights - Go Phillies!

Blaine Nickeson said...

At least someone updates their blog....

Way to go on the grocery run. I second the props for the tights.