23 October 2010

it's ok if you cook the sandwich in bacon grease.

I was inspired recently by this post on Big Girls, Small Kitchen about grilled cheese and mushroom melts. I have been playing around with variations on the theme this week. I brought in elements from a favorite salad at Prohibition Bar-- namely frisee, which goes lovely with mushrooms, and of course, bacon. This is a fall sandwich of no regrets. You're burning off extra calories just by staying warm, so I promise there's no harm.

Cook bacon.
Take come of your bacon grease and saute' mushrooms in it, with a bit of garlic.
Place sliced havarti on wheat bread, and pile all elements together. 
Cook sandwich in bacon grease.
Top sandwich with frisee.
Eat with fork and knife.


Bunny said...

That looks so yummy. Might have to get some tasty mushrooms and some tasty cheese and give this a go. I think a nice paring with this would be some nice potato salad. Yummy!!!

Anonymous said...

That looks fantastic. Can I have one right now, please? I'll pay you for it :)

We actually keep a small pyrex dish full of bacon grease in our fridge for cooking with. Seriously, if you're going to cook for yourself, cook stuff that tastes good. I mean, don't just eat spoonfuls of bacon grease, but you actually do need some fat in your diet to be healthy. Plus, apparently 40% of the fat that's in bacon is the same fat that occurs in olive oil.

I think I need boeuf bourguignon this week... :)