26 August 2009

come to mommy.

So I mentioned the other day that my doorway and stair madness had me thinking about getting a little sister for the Old Dutch Treat. Well, today I cracked. Performance, who already has the Dahon D3 (in Pink!) for sale at a very reasonable price, is running a 12 hour 20% off sale today.

I had a lovely time doing bike errands on the ODT yesterday, but getting it up the stairs did brutal things to the neck and back. I need my neck and back, and the D3 has gotten great reviews from a reputable blogger, and hey-- I did sell my car. So there's not a whole lotta guilt there. The ODT will still be my go-to bike for longer excursions, heavier loads, and Sunday pleasure rides / spiritual realignments, but I'm excited to have the Dahon for everyday quick trips and traveling. Isn't it cute? Expect a review as soon as it arrives.

ADDENDUM: Now that I'm going to own a folding bike, I get to be a proponent of links like "How Many Folding Bikes Does It Take to Fill a Parking Space?" (hat tip to Let's Go Ride a Bike).


Michaele said...

I want to see a picture of you on the bike. It looks so teeny!

Blaine Nickeson said...

There were actually like two people who rode folding bikes on the Courage Classic. Those fools is crazy.

Matt Newport said...

I'm sooper jealous about this aquisition and very excited at the transportation possibilities this will open for you...too bad the red one wasn't also on mega clearance, I would have bought without asking the missuz first!