03 May 2009

a minimalist, a structuralist, and a pragmatist, oh my.

For once, I think Maureen Dowd was spot on with her article "When Character Corrodes" about the tragicomedy of Republicans' sudden call for checks and balances. The article alludes to this bit about how Obama's experience with constitutional law will impact how he selects a Supreme Court justice. I am absolutely thrilled about Obama getting the chance to choose-- I don't think any president in recent history has been as well equipped to make such a nomination.

Recalling the horrified way my Constitutional Law professor in my undergrad reacted to Alito's confirmation (which occurred during the course of the class), I like to imagine she is somewhere in Ballard doing a little jig. Exciting stuff, for sure.

Bonus: An informational first-hand account about what it's like to live in the Dutch welfare state. My inner libertarian is quieted as the socialist on the other shoulder tells me how fantastic this is.

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